Session Guidelines for the Researchers

Published on
11 Dec 2022
Piyush, - Co-founder of MyParticipants
Piyush Kumar
UX Researcher

1. Please debrief the participant on what the study is about and how will it help your product, this will make them feel more comfortable

2. Please let the participant know how many people from your team are present during the session and what roles will they be playing (moderator, note taker, observer, etc.)

3. Be polite and respectful with the participant during the session

4. Be inclusive when it comes to diversity in the participants in terms of race, gender, culture, language or socio-economic status

5. Please do not ask for any personally identifiable details or other sensitive information from the participant

6. Be respectful of the participant’s time, please do not extend the session beyond the stipulated time

7. Inform the participant at-least 30 minutes before the session incase you’re going to be late

8. Please refrain from indulging in selling your product during the session