Session guidelines for the Participants

Published on
11th Dec 2022
Piyush, - Co-founder of MyParticipants
Piyush Kumar
UX Researcher

1. You must provide legitimate answers to the question asked during the session with the researcher, any discrepancy can lead to barring you from future studies

2. You are not expected to share any sensitive or personal information that might harm you in the future, we will not be liable for any malfeasance in this regard

3. You must be in a quiet environment and alone, with a stable internet connection

4. You are expected to be respectful and not get involved in any inappropriate behavior or derogatory language with the researcher at any point during the session

5. You are expected to join the session atleast 10 minutes before the session starts

6. Inform the researcher at least an hour before the session in case you’ll be unable to join the session

7. You might be asked to sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before the session, digitally or physically (depending on the researcher’s convenience)